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Dr. Bokhari Medical Office Building
Kingman, AZ | 8,443 sf | $1.4 million | 2010

Doctor Bokhari’s Medical Office Building is an 8,443 s.f. project located in Kingman, Arizona. The cardiology office includes 10 exam rooms, a CT exam room, nuclear medicine, stress test, echo room, procedure room, physician’s offices and support areas. The warm wood tones combined with the vibrant blue walls create a lively and welcoming feeling as you enter into the waiting room. The exaggerated overhangs on the exterior of the building shade the glazing, create a dramatic entrance and allow for protection against the weather. 


Great time and detail was put into the designing and constructing of Doctor Bokari’s medical office building. From the unique interior wood panel ceiling to a unique reception desk design, Morfeld Ray always sets high standards for the achievement of excellence. To reach these standards Morfeld Ray had several meetings with the doctors and staff to help develop a final design scheme. The staff put major emphasis on having a unique interior design so our firm created a 3D model which allowed the staff to have a better understanding of the overall design.  

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