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It is not a secret or an accident that we are a small firm. We believe strongly that by keeping a small group of complimentary players we are able to grow and trust in each other’s abilities and desires. We have developed an understanding of how to best utilize each member of the team, and as a result our clients have benefited with time and cost savings. This is why MRA has earned a reputation of providing design excellence healthcare for the greater Phoenix area and much of rural Arizona. MRA staff operates out of our office located in Tempe to better serve our client base. Each member of the team has worked together on dozens of successful projects.

  • Architecture ‚

  • Master Planning ‚

  • Site Planning ‚

  • Space Planning ‚

  • Interior Design ‚

  • LEED - Sustainable Design ‚

  • ‚Feasibility Studies ‚

  • Programming

  • Construction Documents ‚

  • Construction Administration ‚

  • Coordination of Engineers

  • Code Analysis ‚

  • Cost Estimating ‚

  • 3-D Rendering ‚

  • Modeling ‚

  • Remodel

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