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Flaggstaff Campus Master Plan.jpg
Flagstaff Medical Center - Master Plan
Flagstaff, AZ | 950,000 sf | $60 million (est. construction cost) | Spring 2014

Morfeld Ray architects teamed up with Soderstrom Architects of Portland, Oregon to design a facility master plan for the 78 year old Flagstaff Medical Center.


The Flagstaff Medical Center facility master plans included evaluating its existing facilities, projected growth, and analyzed where growth and improvement could be made. Morfeld Ray attended weekly meetings with administrative departments, stakeholders and other medical departments at Flagstaff Medical Center to gain a better understanding of their current conditions and prepare a vision for the future of FMC.

Besides creating a facility implementation and master plan, Morfeld Ray has worked closely with Flagstaff Medical Center staff for 6 years developing projects throughout the campus, such as FMC’s central plant, ambulance building, hybrid OR, pharmacy remodel and cafeteria upgrade.

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