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FMC WIC entry hallway.jpg
Flagstaff Medical Center - Women's and Infants Center
Flagstaff, AZ | 42,800 sf | $5.5 million | 2018

This project was a major remodel and reconfiguration of the top two floors of the Women’s and Infants Center on the Flagstaff Medical Center campus. The existing facility housed 11 LDR rooms and a separate 8 bed, 4 room med/surg unit on the second floor and a 19 bed postpartum unit on the third floor. Projections indicated that there would be a greater need for women oriented med/surg rooms as well as a reduction in the need for LDR and postpartum rooms.


Based on this information, two new units were created to meet this need. The new design features 11 LDRP rooms on the second floor. The existing 8 bed med/surg unit on that floor was converted to 4 postpartum rooms and integrated into the new LDRP unit. As a part of this renovation new prep/recovery bays for c-sections and triage/observation beds were incorporated into the core of the unit. The third floor was converted to a 20 bed women’s med/surg unit. This renovation incorporated all new finishes and a major upgrade of core functions and nurse stations.

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