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Guardian Medical Transport
Flagstaff, AZ | 15,750 sf | $4.1 million | Spring 2016

The Guardian Building houses Guardian Medical Transport’s new Critical Care Ambulances, the first one of its kind in the nation, as well as six other Guardian ambulances. The facility has nine crew quarters, a staff training centers, numerous offices and also can act as an emergency dispatch center. The large glass entryway allows light to travel down the spin of the building allowing light into all of these different areas and also helps to distinguish the entry from outside.


Everything in the Guardian Building is about clear mobility and quick access to the ambulances on the ground floor. The staff eats, sleeps and relaxes on the upper floors and the ground floor has the capacity to house seven Guardian ambulances as well as exercising and training facilities.

The Guardian Medical Building not only helps protects the communities safety but also serves as a community center. This facility helps with 911 education and CPR. A community center is located on the second floor of the facility to further promote community education and safety.

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