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Kingman Regional Medical - Cath Lab Expansion & Remodel
Kingman, AZ | 10,000 sf | $3.5 million | 2018

This 10,034 sqft expansion/remodel to the Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is comprised of several components built in two phases. This project is currently in construction and was designed with the intention that the Cath Lab can remain open and functioning during almost all aspects of construction.


Phase 1 is a 5,902 sqft addition, as well as 960 sqft build out of a Cath Lab procedure/control room. The addition consists of a 450 sqft Nuclear Medicine procedure room, hot recovery room, and stress room. These radiology facilities are being added to the Cath Lab with the goal of creating more efficient and effective patient treatment within this department. The interior renovation of Phase 1 consists of a 960 sqft Cath Lab shell build out that will include a control room, floor mounted “C” arm, 4 ceiling booms and a fully integrated communication system.


Phase 2 of the project is upgrading 3,000 sqft of the existing facility. This upgrade improves the procedural equipment within the second Cath Lab, adding a “C” arm, 4 ceiling booms and a fully integrated communication system, as well as adding 5 new patient recovery beds.

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