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Ocotillo Professional Building and TI
Chandler, AZ | 13,000 sf | $2.6 million | Spring 2008

The Ocotillo Professional Building was designed as an outpatient medical facility, with dentistry as the primary focus. The 13,000 square foot two-story facility has the capacity to serve up to six tenants. 


As a result of discussions with the owner and site analysis, the building was designed to incorporate as much natural light as possible and sensitively respond to the surrounding residential developments and man-made lakes. Between the buildings there is a central breezeway that narrows as you progress squeezing you into a sheltered courtyard flanked by the curving wings of each building. Here occupants are provided with a place to rest and reflect as they view the lake and waterfall. The exterior walkways are recessed to minimize heat gain and visual impact on the neighboring communities. Interior spaces were designed to reflect the free flowing nature of the surrounding water.


Landscaping is extensively used throughout, making up approximately 40% of the site. The site slopes to drain collectors at various locations where it is discharged into a bio-filtration strip adjacent to the lake on the north end of the site and proceeds into the lake. Reclaimed water from this system is used for all landscape irrigation, minimizing the impact of the lush landscaping on the city water supply. 

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