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Scottsdale Medical Imaging - East Mesa Imaging Center
Mesa, AZ | 7,500 sf | $2 million | 2019

The Scottsdale Medical Imaging, LTD. (SMIL) East Mesa project was a joint venture between SMIL and Honor Health. This project was two phases. Phase one being the construction of the shell building by Honor Health’s developer and contract, and phase two the Tenant Improvement by SMIL’s design and construction team. MRA and Guthrie General worked closely with the shell developer to reduce costs and time. We avoided removing all HVAC from the shell project to insure SMIL would have one integrated system that worked with their specialty equipment. Additionally we advised the shell builder to not install a slab to reduce time and costs that would have been incurred for saw cutting.


MRA worked closely with SMIL in developing the design esthetic for the new facility. SMIL requested the design reflect a modern hospitality feel, incorporating a visually stunning entry experience. While design esthetic was at the forefront, all materials used needed be low maintenance as well as extremely durable. To accomplish these goal we integrated ceramic tile flooring throughout the suite and created accents using ceramic tile walls, indirect LED light coves and vinyl wood wall coverings. The entry area incorporated a 12 foot ceiling with floating wood soffit. A custom reception desk was designed to mirror the floating soffit and tie in the 20 foot long blue decorative cast glass accent wall which became the focal point of the entry sequence.

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