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Scottsdale Medical Center - Gilbert Imaging Center
Gilbert, AZ | 14,000 sf | $3.2 million | Summer 2011

This project was a new state of the art 14,000 sq. ft. imaging with the following major modalities: MRI, PET-CT, CT, NUC-MED, X-Ray, R/F, Ultrasound, Stereotactic Biopsy, Bone Densitometry and Mammography. This facility included radioactive & environmental shielding, standard and specialty mechanical, plumbing and exhaust systems and MRI cryogen exhaust.


In an effort to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact the design included high efficiency pre-cooling outside air conditioning fans, LED lighting and sustainable wood ceilings throughout.

The staff requested that the design reflect more of a hospitality or spa atmosphere and to accomplish this natural wood, mosaic tile, adjustable lighting and music were just a few of the design elements used to help create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Since patients would be occupying the facility in gowns, the staff wanted to separate men’s and women’s changing and waiting areas to eliminate any excess anxiety. The design team worked through dozens of space plans to achieve the separation desired without disrupting the natural flow of the patients and staff.

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